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Lets meet up early and have a party in a bright city of Kaunas


REM Vilnius

A beautiful city of Vilnius, read more and get your package!



Give your last energy to summer and winter pleasures in one city of Druskininkai

News and updates

All the information you need about our process of building the best experience for you, you will find it here and Facebook. Take a look at our beautiful cities: Kaunas, Vilnius and Druskininkai in our beloved country Lithuania. If you didnt find what you were looking for - ask, we dont bite.

Organizing clubs

While waiting for the REM Vilnius 2018 - take your time to get to know the clubs involved in organizing it. Find out what are they doing on regular basis, what kind of projects they have. To know how much love and passion they will put into this event for all of us!


  • Klaipėdos Senamiesčio Rotaract Klubas
  • Kauno Tvirtovės Rotaract Klubas
  • Vilniaus Geležinio Vilko Rotaract Klubas
  • Marijampolės Rotaract klubas
  • Šiaulių Auksinio Rato Rotaract Klubas
  • Panevežio Rotaract klubas
  • Vilniaus Pilies Rotaract klubas
  • Vilniaus Rotaract klubas
  • Vilniaus International Rotaract klubas
  • Kauno Rotaract klubas
  • Beauty

HOC Team

These guys joined together from various clubs in different cities all around Lithuania to bring you the best experience in REM Vilnius 2018! You can always contact us and ask anything you need, we will help you as much as possible. We have put together some Frequent Asked Question, take a look!

Marius Krasauskas
Marius Krasauskas
Chair / IT Rotaract club of Klaipėdos Senamiesčio
Lukas Puidokas
Lukas Puidokas
Venues / Food Rotaract club of Kaunas Fortress
Bernadeta Domeikaitė
Bernadeta Domeikaitė
Communication Rotaract club of Vilniaus Geležinio Vilko
Laurynas Suodaitis
Laurynas Suodaitis
Activities Rotaract club of Vilniaus Geležinio Vilko
Andrius Janušauskas
Andrius Janušauskas
Pre-REM Rotaract club of Kaunas Fortress
Povilas Suodaitis
Povilas Suodaitis
Post-REM Rotaract club of Vilniaus Geležinio Vilko