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Pre-REM – will be held in interwar capital of Lithuania (1918-1940) and European Capital of Culture 2022.

Kaunas city modernism has been recognized by UNESCO naming it the World Heritage Site. During interwar period the city was called "Little Paris". Kaunas - the second largest city of the country.


Day 1
Arrival / Gastro lunch in TOP 30 Restaurant in Lithuania / Beer factory trip / Mead factory trip / Dinner in game meat restaurant - we will taste (Wild hock, venison, etc.)  / Party in nightclub 

Day 2
City tour  / Lunch in the XVII c. baroque monastery / Theater play „The Legend of Notredame“ (connection to Kaunas as “Little Paris“) is booked specially for you

Theater play „The Legend of Notredame“  - a dance play with symphony orchestra and opera singers who will perform aria‘s in original French language. In 2014 it was elected as the best play of the year. Even more - we will stay in presidential lodge with champagne and some "amuse bouche".

Day 3
Transportation to REM Vilnius