Website and some more updates!

Hi Guys!

Only few months passed after January 2017 and we already have some news for you.

First of all, our website is finally up and running. Here, we will post lots of updates on progress of the REM Vilnius 2018. If you dont like websites, you can always choose to follow on Facebook too :-)

Second, we are on the finish line for venues and of course to fix the date when we all meet - 2018.01.18 - 2018.01.21. Write that down to your calendars and see you soon.

Now, some events that are coming soon until May 31st:

  • Information on Venues
  • Information on our first activities
  • Information on Visas for non-EU countries
  • Information on Cities you will have Pre, REM and Post

For now, you can read about the clubs involved in organizing this fabulous event. and stay tuned for more information

Cheers, HOC.