Lithuanian fruits and berries wine tasting

If asked, any lithuanian would proudly say that here we make the best beer in the world (And they would be right). However, not much could be said about local wine and its traditions. Historically is not what our common folk drink and, obviously, praise. Or even understand. But thats only their great loss! Here, in Lithuania, we have something exceptional - Gintaro Sino winery. The main difference between this gem of ours and what people usually get from traditional wine is that instead of searching for a specific fruit or berry taste and smell we get the actual fruit. Yeah, thats right - no grapes, just fruits and berries, baby! Cherry wine? Yes. Blueberries? Sure. What about them apples? Yeah, why not?! When life gives you lemons - make lemonade. And when you get apples - you make apple wine. Feel intrigued? Sign up for the tastings and try these and many more flavours yourself.

Price - 35 eur